Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing
Whether you are considering Server Virtualization in your datacenter environment, centralizing your storage or resolving network performance issues, we have the skills necessary to develop an integrated solution that balances the demands of strategy, cost, compliance and security. Our IT Consultancy services can help you:
  • Identify the Optimum Solution for your Requirements
  • Extend the life span of your existing IT investment
  • Minimize Capital Expenditure



Network Design and Performance

For any organization looking to maximize the efficiency of their IT infrastructure, it is important to remember that existing equipment can be optimized and reorganized to improve performance without incurring significant costs. Before recommending an upgrade, we would recommend an in-depth analysis of your computer network using an array of performance monitoring tools to identify bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Faced with escalating data management overheads, exponential storage growth and energy compliance targets, a compelling business case has emerged for new models of service delivery including Server Virtualization, clustering and cloud computing. QStarData Services supports some of the leading technology providers including: NetApp, Dell Equal logic, HP, Parallels, VMware and Microsoft. As experts in Server Virtualization and high throughput solutions, we are ideally placed to help our clients identify ways to reduce capital expenditure, manage overheads and power consumption, while improving both system performance and resilience


Security and Disaster Recovery

With IT increasingly embedded in core business processes, robust IT Security and disaster recovery have become essential. In order to establish how well your business is currently protected, we would conduct a detailed security analysis, identifying and highlighting key vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies. Our job is to identify the right solution for your organization. Whether you need secure hosted back up solutions, in-house backup technologies, mirrored data replication, or something as simple as hosted email virus detection, we can ensure that, should the worst happen, your business will be protected.